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Welcome to MV Careers - Your Local Job Portal

MV Careers is your go-to online job board for the Mountain View County region and beyond. Established in response to a critical need for a local employment portal, we have been connecting job seekers with employers since our launch on February 28, 2019. Based in Olds, Alberta, we pride ourselves on being a vital resource for both individuals and businesses in the surrounding communities.

Our Founding Story

MV Careers was founded by passionate entrepreneurs, Melissa Maschke and Kim Free, who recognized the pressing need for a platform that caters specifically to the unique dynamics of rural job markets. The previous lack of a local job site prompted them to join forces and develop a user-friendly, free-to-use online job board. Both with extensive experience in their respective fields, Melissa as an employment counselor and Kim as an online marketer and social media strategist, they collaborated to fill the employment void in the region.

Job interview

Our mission

At MV Careers, we firmly believe that fostering connections within the community is vital for successful placements and a thriving local economy. Our platform not only provides an avenue for employers to post job opportunities and for job seekers to find their ideal positions but also offers insights into the region's labor market activity. We are committed to supporting economic development by supplying valuable information to both businesses and individuals.

MV Careers Today

Join our growing community of job seekers and employers who have embraced MV Careers as their preferred local job portal. With an average of 30-50 job postings daily and 100 to 200 daily visits, MV Careers has become an essential hub for fulfilling employment needs. Whether you're seeking your dream job or looking for the perfect candidate to fill a position, MV Careers is here to make the process easier and more efficient.

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with our founders, Melissa and Kim, please email


Join MV Careers today and embark on your journey to hiring and career success!

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